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Our Cakes

Many say it’s the fluffy goodness of our cakes that keeps them coming back. Some say it’s actually the icing that hooks people on Mama Conching’s cakes. Some order from us simply because they are Cavitenos. As for me, aside from the fact we make quality cakes that can compete with commercial brands upon quality and creativity, I’d say it’s the warm history of how our bakeshop was built. Mama Conching mastered the art of making most of what you have. All our struggles and experiences are the pillars of our success that is why we make sure we are able satisfy customers to the best of our craft.

What is an occasion without a cake to complete the celebration? For years, Conching Sabale’s Home Made Cakes have been producing artistic cakes that highlight weddings, birthdays including debutante’s cakes and other important events of Cavitenos.

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